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Now individual cards have their own page redone. All links are available from both combo recipes and “Card Beta” section.

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Update the cards and combo list. There have been couple updates with new cards, we are redoing our database as well so that we can handle future updates better. I did not think ahead the first time around and previous work is hard to be updated without significant manipulation.

Add individual pages for “final form” cards.

Setup card stats values for their individual card pages.

Rewrite the “best combo” page.

Setup Card and Combo Images for each individual pages.


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  1. Hey man, great site. I would love to help out with it in any way I can. I have a bunch of ideas about strategy and best combos and whatnot that are probably too long to put in comments.

    Upgrading for the Quest of the Day:
    The quest requires 3 upgrades in a day for a 500 coin reward and a shot at 10 gems. Assuming gems are saved for a 25% off sale of an Epic Pack (450, best deal), this means 45 days of upgrading.
    Upgrading a common once and then recycling it nets a 1 gw loss over just recycling the common.
    -1 (recycling the base) – 2 (upgrade) + 2 (recycle) = -1 (net)
    So if this is the only upgrading taking place, soley for the quest reward, the math becomes a little more involved, because the cards purchased from the rewards must be taken into account. If we assume that each pull is the bare minimum (1 common, no giggittywatts for basic pack; 1 epic, 1 epic giggittywatt for epic pack)
    -1 (net) * 3 (per day) * 45 (days) + 22 (commons) + 25 (epic) + 50 (epic gw) = -38 net gw
    However, I’d estimate the likelyhood of getting gw in a pack is ~1 in 3, netting 7 giggittywatt cards or 35 more gw. Also, I’d estimate the odds of getting a rare in a pack to be ~1 in 10, so there would probably be at least one rare floating around from that.Upgrading a rare once and then recycling it is neutral.
    -5 (base) -2 (upgrade) + 7 (recycle) = 0 (net)
    So that’s one less common to upgrade and 1 less gw lost to inefficient upgrading. The new model looks like this:
    -1 (net) * 3 (per day) * 45 (days) + 21 (commons) + 35 (common gw) + 5 (rare) + 1 (upgrading the rare instead of another common) + 25 (epic) + 50 (epic gw) = 2 (net gain)
    The odds of gw and rares are based on experience, but are only estimations, not based on recorded data. However, this model also assumes that you won’t be upgrading outside of explicitly for the quest, which you probably will be doing. In my opinion, it is worth upgrading and recycling commons for the quest if needed. Not only do the gw work out in your favor, but you are also opening 23 additional packs, which gives a much better chance of finding a specific card.

    So for the combos, I have to use my best guess at the formulas for A/D right now. I’m not even going to attempt to formulize the skills because that’d be disastrous. So, Scooty-Puff Jr, which has a listed skill of Crazed 12, but requires one common card and at most one epic card probably ends up at ~crazed 6-9, which is still bonkers.

    Best F2W Combos:

    The Thinker Ape: Amy + Vitruvian Man
    A: 14(?) D: 31(?)
    Skills: Motivate: 6 Punch: 9 Sturdy: 8
    I haven’t maxed this combo yet, so I’m not sure about the exact stats, but these are reasonable approximations.
    This card is a support Queen! Let’s start with motivate 6. This is only one less than most non-judgey maxed combos, but the tradeoff is mad staying power and a powerful right hook. The only two other motivate/punch combos are 7/10, but Thinker Ape also has Sturdy 8, which makes it a great wall.
    Plus the cards are each great individually, Amy being an 8/26 Mot:5 Boost:5, and Vitruvian Man being a 13/18 Mot:4 Cheer(Fut):2 Cripple All:3. And you can get them both by farming 4-1, which isn’t difficult after you level up a bit.

    Butt Closet: Gene/Louise + Vitruvian Man
    A:13-14 D:27-30 Cripple All:5 Motivate:6
    Cripple all is a great skill.

    Scooty-Puff Junior: Fry + Rupert/Toy/Steve’s Toys/Kuchi Kopi/Manger Babies
    A:11 D:25 Crazed:12
    This crazed stat make it a great early offensive card. It might even be worth sinking the extra Giggittywatts into Fry and another common early because this is frankly ridiculous.

    Stressed-Out Leela: Leela + Rupert/Toy/Steve’s Toys/Kuchi Kopi/Manger Babies
    Very similar to Scooty-Puff Jr, but with a higher high end and base stats.

    Slurm Loco: Fry+Slurm
    A:10 D:28 Cripple All:6 Leech:12
    Leech gives staying power and cripple all is powerful even into later game. I’ve lost a few farming matches to them dropping this combo turn two and me not being able to make a combo of my own and not being able to attack them for anything while they withered away my cards with Shut Up and Take My Money.

    More good combos that can be made from farming cards from the first 5 stages:
    Drunk Stan, Drunk Leela, Party Board (Support), Internet Porn, Crack-Addict Stan, Clobberella, Captain Yesterday, Wingnut Amy, Beefsquatch, Fart Class (Support), Dodgeball Louise, One-Eyed Bean Machine, Record Holder Stan

  2. Love th database! Best I’ve found and will continue to use if it’s updated. Nice work!

    Just a tip, I can confirm that Stan+Blaster = Rapture Stan, not Space Stan.

  3. Hey why with the very last update have all the cards turned default first only some then I uninstalled now all of them are

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