With the game offering various skills or special abilities for each cards. Learn about what they do and how you can take advantage of them. We will also provide you with some basic pointers

skill_special This icon when combined with skills, means that the skills only apply to a subset of friendly cards in certain animation or traits.

Skills Basics

Skills from cards are generally cast during their turn. However, some have specific triggering rules. There are numbers associated with these skills, the numbers determine the strength of these skills. For example Punch 3 means that the card will deal 3 damage to a random card during its turn.

Crazed: After Attack
Boost and Recover: When Combo is Activated
Payback: After Being Attacked

When you are planning your order of playing cards, consider the skills that get triggered to make that to your advantage. For example, since cheer only increase attack for a turn, you want to place cheer skill cards in the front, so that the cards following it can receive the attack boost.

It should be noted that damage reduction skills cannot protect your cards from damage inducing skills. For example Sturdy cannot counter damage done from Punch or Payback. All damage reduction skills will only prevent damage from the actual opposing card’s attack during their turn.

Buffing Skills

skill_cheer Cheer: Increase attack of a random friendly unit for a turn.

skill_cheerall Cheer All: Increases attack of all friendly units for turn.

skill_inspireMotivate: Cards adjacent to this get extra attack.

Self-Buff Skills

skill_crazed Crazed (Frenzy) Gains attack after dealing damage. This is by far the strongest skill in our opinion. If you are able to stack with with other healing or shielding skills to keep card with this skill alive, this single boosted card can take out your enemy in one hit.

skill_boostBoost: Gets +Attack whenever you play a combo.

skill_recoverRecover: Gets +max health whenever you play a combo.

Debuff Skills

skill_crippleCripple: Reduces attack of a random enemy unit for a turn.

skill_crippleallCripple All: Reduces attack of all enemy units for a turn.

Damage Skills: 

skill_fart Gas: Attacked enemy card takes additional damage each turn.

skill_paybackPayback: Deals damage to any card that attacks this.

skill_jabJab: Reduces effects that prevent damage when attacking. This skill applies to both Sturdy (Brick) and Shields.

skill_punch Punch: A random enemy unit takes damage.

skill_bombBomb: Deals damage to enemies adjacent to the one this attacks. However, if the attack lands on the hero, no splash damage will be done to other cards.

Healing Skills

skill_leechLeech: Heals self after dealing attack damage.

skill_healHeal: Restores health to a damaged card.

skill_healallHeal All: Restores health to all damaged cards.

Damage Reduction Skills

skill_sturdy Sturdy: Blocks damage when attacked.

skill_shieldShield: Prevent damage dealt to another friendly cart.

skill_shieldallShield All: Prevents damage dealt to all friendly cards.




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