We are redoing our card data list. Below is a beta version of the listing. We are still updating in the card stats. It should be ready later in the week or so So far this is a good place to check for possible card combos.

PeterFamily Guy
BrianFamily Guy
Toad LickingFamily Guy
GamerFamily Guy
MegFamily Guy
ChrisFamily Guy
LoisFamily Guy
RupertFamily Guy
StewieFamily Guy
McBurgertownFamily Guy
Lois' PianoFamily Guy
Pawtucket Patriot AleFamily Guy
James Woods High SchoolFamily Guy
Fairy GodmotherFamily Guy
Lottery WinningsFamily Guy
Touchdown DanceFamily Guy
Red Station WagonFamily Guy
QuagmireFamily Guy
Paintball with GunsFamily Guy
PeterCopterFamily Guy
ShovelFamily Guy
Movie TheaterFamily Guy
Quahog AsylumFamily Guy
GlassesFamily Guy
Quahog Martial Arts AcademyFamily Guy
The Drunken ClamFamily Guy
Brian's MartiniFamily Guy
Red Shirt Blue ShirtFamily Guy
Chris GriffinFamily Guy
RogerAmerican Dad
StanAmerican Dad
SteveAmerican Dad
HayleyAmerican Dad
SnotAmerican Dad
Boyz 12American Dad
FrancineAmerican Dad
Golden TurdAmerican Dad
KlausAmerican Dad
Roger's ClosetAmerican Dad
Pearl Bailey High SchoolAmerican Dad
Roger's PlaceAmerican Dad
WrestlingAmerican Dad
CrackAmerican Dad
Pizza OverlordAmerican Dad
Stan's SUVAmerican Dad
Panther Cuddling SteveAmerican Dad
Steve's ToysAmerican Dad
Pantry GunsAmerican Dad
Roger's Space ShipAmerican Dad
Dojo BidenAmerican Dad
BeetmanAmerican Dad
BullockAmerican Dad
Scary MaskAmerican Dad
BobBob's Burgers
LouiseBob's Burgers
BaseballBob's Burgers
TeddyBob's Burgers
TinaBob's Burgers
LindaBob's Burgers
GeneBob's Burgers
Bob's BurgersBob's Burgers
Burger SuitBob's Burgers
Fart School for the GiftedBob's Burgers
EspressoBob's Burgers
MortBob's Burgers
Kuchi KopiBob's Burgers
FukinawaBob's Burgers
Teddy's BrewskiBob's Burgers
Wagstaff SchoolBob's Burgers
BurgerbossBob's Burgers
PainkillersBob's Burgers
Animal AnusesBob's Burgers
Food TruckBob's Burgers
CapoeriaBob's Burgers
AmbergrisBob's Burgers
Turkey TrotBob's Burgers
Wonder WharfBob's Burgers
Crave N SaveBob's Burgers
Bird SwarmBob's Burgers
AbsintheBob's Burgers
Wine ShoeBob's Burgers
Best Swamp PartiesBob's Burgers
Flare GunBob's Burgers
Book of SpellsBob's Burgers
Bunny CostumeBob's Burgers
HankKing of the Hill
PeggyKing of the Hill
BillKing of the Hill
BobbyKing of the Hill
LuanneKing of the Hill
Cougar Football TeamKing of the Hill
BluegrassKing of the Hill
DaleKing of the Hill
BoomhauerKing of the Hill
Million Dollar Beer CanKing of the Hill
Tom Landry Middle SchoolKing of the Hill
Alamo BeerKing of the Hill
Hank Hell's Haunted HouseKing of the Hill
Pro-Pain!King of the Hill
Manitoba CigarettesKing of the Hill
The Panhandler SteakhouseKing of the Hill
Beef Filled ColonKing of the Hill
Red Ford TruckKing of the Hill
Manger BabiesKing of the Hill
RifleKing of the Hill
Women's Self DefenseKing of the Hill
Chip BlockKing of the Hill
Personalized Beer MugKing of the Hill
Disco Murder MysteryKing of the Hill
Professor FarnsworthFuturama
Dr. ZoidbergFuturama
Mars UniversityFuturama
Holophonor HitsFuturama
Marmoset PajamasFuturama
Olde Fortran Malt LiquorFuturama
Mom's Homestyle X-Cube 360Futurama
20 Big BoysFuturama
Dr. FlimFlam's Miracle CreamFuturama
Elzar's Fine CuisineFuturama
Vitruvian ManFuturama
Planet Express ShipFuturama
Arcturan Kung FuFuturama
Maltese LiquorFuturama
Protective SuitsFuturama
Land VehicleGeneric