In Animation Throwdown, getting the right combo against the right opponent card is crucial to winning the game. We will list out some of the best combos in our opinion to help you win. The best skills in the game include Crazed, Cripple, Leech or Shield or Block for Defensive ability, and other high skill numbers in general.

Generally speaking, any defensive skill numbers that go into 7 or even higher makes them much harder to kill especially during early and mid game. These selection of best Animation Throwdown combos all have either great attacking ability or defensive skills that make them hard to destroy.

Below we will list out some of the most notable combos in game that can help you win your matches. Please feel free to leave comments if you have more awesome combinations that we have not discovered yet. This is a WORK IN PROGRESS.

Bob in the Wall
Bob + Rupert

Sturdy 8
Boost 9

The high defensive power of this combination makes it deadly if you are able to boost it after 2~3 combos. Bob in the Wall can practically destroy every single card in one hit.

Tennis Ball Brian
Brian + Rupert

Jab 7
Leech 7

This combination is semi hard to kill while able to take down enemy defensive cards with high Shield or Block.

Whiskey Drunk Brian
Brian + Alamo Beer

Punch 5
Leech 7

This combo is semi hard to kill with a decent Leech 7 value. The punch is useful to take down enemy’s cards while staying alive itself.

Playwright Brian
Brian* + Vitruvian Man

Cheer 7
Recover 8
Boost 7

This combo is notable because of its high starting attack and great Recover / Boost. If you are follow up with 2~3 more combos after setting this up, you will most likely win the match.

(8+ crazed at low levels is just broken).

Wrestling + Louise
crazed and cripple card combo